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Ranks/Titles explanation.

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1 Ranks/Titles explanation. on Wed Jul 14, 2010 12:29 pm


Administrator: No need to explain this one i think.

Moderators: These guys are the one who're going to moderate the forum, it'll be only given to trustworthy persons.

This rank will be given to 3 choosen people only.They'll test the bot before it'll be released to make sure everything is fine, and have a private section dedicated to them and myself ONLY.

ViP: The ViP rank will be given to people who've been usefull, trustworthy and nice since they arrived here.Wont be given too fast tho since ViP have acces to almost every section (minus Tester section wich is reserved for tester ;p)

Trusted-Member: This rank will be given to members who've proven to be trustable.Once you gain this rank you'll have acces to a private Trusted-Members section where you can share stuff with the others trusted members.

Friends: This rank will be given to friends only, if they request they'll have a private section too

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