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RSHOOK (is it really the best bang for the buck)?

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What do you people think of RS, is it overrated and overpriced? Be Honest!!!


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Its the best aimbot for enemy territory. As far as price goes it is outrageous to me but its also for a Lifetime supply of RSHook, so you be the judge there. As far as I know its undetected on many mods as well.

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Its sure expensive but as said above its by far the best hook ever made and that's in any games imo considering the customization possiblity it does have and the raw power and humanized power it pack. Once you played with rs its hard to go back to any other bots even if they say otherwise, and i had a good example of this case from a good friend.

Rainer himself is a really nice guy, providing support at any time of the day and is faster than light to auth his customers (authed a 3hxx am -morning = am?- in few minutes), and i have yet to hear about any of his customers having trouble with him.

rsHook is working on every single mod, and every single upcommng mod theres on ET, and is also undetected on all of them (except SLAC), and the rsHook users does have alot of usefull scripts, fullbase and configs available for the others customers at the private area.

I guess that all you need to know about rs Wink

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when i use to use rs in the etmain days long ago, was lots of fun, lots of ownage,worth every penny back then.people forget that rs is old bot now, but can still keep up with the newer bots of today if set up good....but the best thing about this bot it works well all round on all mods.

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All depends how guys fix their Rs...

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